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XVIIII, 1889, p.216 ------- The mummy of Rameses II has fine silky yellow hair. Where's the scientific research paper describing the physical characteristics of the New Zealand red hair, to determine ethnicity?

To all of this one can add reference to the large number of Caucasoid mummies of the Tarin Basin of China or the Canary Islands, etc., which have retained their hair pigmentations for many thousands of years!

Only certain designated people are allowed to gather specimens and that doesn't include you or I.

Should you wish to go and gather specimens, I can tell you of 3 sizable locations where there are graves of the "tall ones"..Caucasoid people who predated Maori to these shores by thousands of years.

Te Karere is apparently, in the main, just gobbledegook.we would need some confirmation that representatives of the local iwi had been consulted and given approval for the tooth to be dated.... Kalmeyer that the bone is European does not change the situation here... The term Poly-nesian means "many islands" and also denotes "many ethnicities"We believe it is the Intermixing of these Peoples - the South East Asians, Indonesians, & Melanesians which had borned a New People of the Pacific Ocean, the POLYNESIANS. The largest Samoan Island of SAVAI'I ( the breeding ground) has a history of Samoans, Tongans & Fijians as blood intermixed peoples and coinhabitants, both in war & peace times.we need to take this matter seriously, otherwise we risk damaging the reputation of the laboratory in the eyes of the local archaeological community...' (August 1997). Robin Watt have supposedly assessed about 2000 skulls and found all of them to be Polynesian..that tells us a lot..does it? Mixed blooded Samoans with Tongan or Fijian lineage populated Savai'i, SAMOA. Watt and others can, undoubtedly, stay out of hot water simply by not having to be too specific or by not having anything but "approved" skull types come into their possession for scientific scrutiny.The gravesites are unknown to Maori and there is no Maori "wahi-tapu" covering them as a result...these are not and have never been Maori burial grounds.The iwis don't even know they're there or, if they do, they're not telling anyone... I know some Maori people who have been involved in the "relocation" of remains of this type.

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