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But it’s tough to coordinate meetings by yourself, let alone with the rest of your team’s schedule in mind.

Meetingbird is a smart calendar startup that makes it simple to plan a meeting, overlays schedules to find times that work for everyone, and optimizes everything to condense meetings so everyone can get back to work.

Here’s a look at every company that presented on the record at Demo Day 1 of 2.

Check out our picks of the 7 best of today’s startups, plus come back for the write-ups of all tomorrow’s companies and the highlights.

Helium offers both pay-as-you-go billing and traditional enterprise subscriptions for larger hospitals.— Helium Healthcare – Electronic Medical Records For Africa Paper medical records can cost lives.Helium is making them a thing of the past with its “rugged” electronic medical records system for Africa.— Pull Request – A marketplace for code review Pull Request is a marketplace pairing corporate code with freelance code reviewers looking for a side hustle.The team is recruiting reviewers that have experience from top tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Dropbox.

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