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Fast food bombing consists of sending copious amounts of fast food to a target.The food is delivered to the target's place of residence or business, where they will have to deal with a delivery order of 4 large pepperonis and a side of Coke and garlic bread.'''OR GO TO JAIL IF YOU FUCK UP.''' Psyops may be useful for longterm targets, and may involve IRL happenings.Ruin life tactics usually occur either immediately when the Dox on the target are compiled and distributed.

However, if the target is lacking in the humor department, this is quite possibly the best weapon we have at our disposal other than gay porn.

It was so wonderfully executed, that it appeared on Fox news, sparking more widespread Lulz and wonderful new Memes that kept the in-the-know entertained for many years.

Unfortunately, while media attention is great for Lulz, it was also a factor in Anti-Lulz and the precursor to Cancer. Box Floods happen to be one of the most time-honored traditions of the /i/nsurgency.

This is one of the greatest tactics of /i/ and it's been proven time and time again.

Full article: Pizza bomb Fast Food Bombing (notably pizza) is a lulzy way of causing grief for your target, all from the comfort of your Mom's basement.

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