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Cook, 918-809-8774; [email protected]; family reunion updates, activities and events on Facebook and Twitter.SAMM (Smith, Anderson, Martin, Mitchell) Family Reunion) Nate Alston, 336-340-3195; [email protected]; Coleman & Laster Family Reunion “Taking it Back to Our Roots.” Jul 18-22, 2018, Charleston SC D. Dean, 8535 Ward St, Detroit, MI 48228; [email protected] Day - Denison Society Family Reunion Julie Soto, PO Box 42, Mystic, CT 06355 860-536-9248, [email protected]; Deshazer, Deshazier, Deshazior/ 4 D Family Reunion Glenda Deshazier-Nelson, Four D Family Reunion, PO Box 2747, Elizabethtown, KY 42702; [email protected]/Chestnut Family Reunion iris Mack, 804-248-4794; [email protected] Jackson-Samuel Family Reunion ( Descendants of George and Georgianna Holliman) Shonda Scott, [email protected] Family Reunion Tiffany Barrett, 2006 Ruffin Road, Richmond VA, 804-393-4838; E.Cooper Family Reunion Contact Saunia Cooper, 252-571-2200; [email protected] Quoteshia Hargett 757-667-8618 Edwards-Powell Family Reunion Eureka Ross, 512-925-3781; [email protected]/edwards.p.reunion Emerson-Smith Family Reunion Kiwanis Bishop, 317-903-5775; [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of James and Miranda W.

Mae Garner, 205-310-4894 Riley Family Reunion Sep 1-3, 2017, Williamsburg VA Jacqueline Gardenhire, 14069 Breeders Cup Drive, Gainesville VA 20155 703-743-1979; [email protected] Family Reunion Jacqueline Miller, [email protected] Family Reunion James Otis Rogers; [email protected]/ Scyffore Family Reunion Jun 22-25, 2018, Family Reunion Vacation, 40th Year Annual Celebration Niko M.

Lee Lipscomb, [email protected]; 202-810-4237 Love Family Reunion of Lexington Mississippi, Descendants of Ben and Rosa Dorris Ellis, [email protected] Family Reunion G.

Anderson, [email protected] Reunion Lyons Family Reunion Karen Crum, 1044 Mahogany Ln, Rowesville SC 29133 Macon Family Reunion Cheryl Macon, [email protected] Family Reunion La Monica Smith, 678-249-9662, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of Benjamin Manning @benmanningfam Manuel-Webb Family Reunion Charlene Harmon, 1476 Locust St., Memphis TN 38108 [email protected] Crea family Reunion Chianti White, [email protected] Clary Mc Cleary Family Reunion, Descendants of Charles, Lucille, and Harriett Mc Clary of Kingstree, SC [email protected] Cuistion/Mc Quiston (and all other spellings) Family-Clan Uisdean, USA Annual Gathering and Meeting.

Sep 2-4, 2017, Los Angeles CA Charlene Lewis, Charlene [email protected] Fadden-Whaley Family Reunion Ethel Mc Fadden, PO Box 236, Syracuse NY 13201-0236 315-877-7807; [email protected] Kitty Family Reunion Grace Mc Kitty, [email protected]; 301-379-0077 Mc Gill Family Reunion Shelly Blackston, President, [email protected] Williams-Joppy, Secretary, [email protected] Gill/Mc Pherson Family Fest: Family Food Fun Miss T.

Denton, [email protected] of the Miles & Farrow Families: The Second Reunion Marguerite Miles Harrington, [email protected] Family Reunion, Descendants of Hobert and Leah Catherine Miller and extended family.

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