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Jesus would have strongly opposed their understanding of the law.A gift particularly designated for the Lord, and so forbidden for any other use (Mark ).A three-year period of probation was required before full membership was granted.The Essenes devoted themselves to the study of the law.In contrast with the Pharisees, they believed that only God had the right to rule over the Jews.They were willing to fight and die for that belief. The Herodians are mentioned in only three places in the New Testament (Matt. In the earliest reference in Mark, they joined with the Pharisees in a plot to kill Jesus.It is generally believed that the people of the Scrolls were closely related to the Essenes.

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They controlled the synagogues and exercised great control over the general population.

They went beyond the Pharisees in their rigid understanding of it.

There is no evidence that either Jesus or John the Baptist had ever had any relation to Qumran.

C.), where Josephus refers to Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. It may mean that they separated themselves from the masses of the people or that they separated themselves to the study and interpretation of the law.

Their good relations with the rulers ended in the time of John Hyrcanus (134-104 B. They came to power again when Salome Alexandra became queen (76 B. It is usually assumed that they were the spiritual descendants of the Hasidim, the loyal fighters for religious freedom in the time of Judas Maccabeus.

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