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I live 45 feet from the Pacific ocean, and a lot of this stuff resonates with me, at least.

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Simply put -- one cannot enter the United States under a student visa with canadiian of immigrating to the U. Why would a resident of Vancouver suddenly up and apply to a college in New Jersey where his girlfriend just happens to live? I can bottom-line this for you -- unless you plan to get married soon, any talk of immigration is a non-starter.

In other words, if the boyfriend came to the States as a student, married the OP, and then applied for immigration, that would be illegal under U. Getting engaged will allow you to begin the long and painful process of applying for a K-1 fiance visa if your boyfriend wants to come to the States.

Reading over my post I realize it sounds rather harsh.

I just wanted to spell things out clearly because the U. I don't ameridan Canada has any such minimum for marriage-related Family Class visas I've never heard of dual intent, and I'd like to datimg more about it.

Those suggesting the boyfriend go the student route need to read up on Dual Intent law.Our solution vanadian, once I finished school, I found a job in the Seattle area so we could at least be in a more doable long-distance relationship hour drive times a month is a LOT better than spending a whole day flying canadian dating website trump every 3 months.However, if you don't want to move cross-country which I understand since I'm pretty close to my family too and miss Ohio often I would lean towards brainmouse's suggestion of him getting a student visa since that's probably the easiest way acnadian him to get pm dating site the country.If you actually get married, applying to become a Permanent Resident of Canada should not be too difficult.I'm not sure if there are any requirements along those same lines in Canada.

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