Chris brown dating model

That might be changing, however, as the 28-year-old Virginia native sparks rumors that he may be dating 31-year-old Indonesian pop star Agnez Mo.

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For a normal adult, this wouldn't be a big deal, especially because it's not like Brown is sitting at home eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream after he goes through a break-up.

If this sounds ridiculous, that's because it is.

Just because you're friendly with someone doesn't mean you get to control who they date for the rest of eternity, even if they end up deciding to date a former partner of yours.

After he helped promote their new album, the prior relationship between Quavo and Brown had extended far beyond a business/musical relationship, with Brown reportedly hosting the Migos member in his home.

This tracks with other supporting evidence out there; Brown has attended parties hosted by the Migos before, When he found out about the new relationship between Quavo and his ex, Brown then felt "betrayed" after spending so much time with Quavo.

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