Consolidating loans with chase Akhi almgir xxx

The charge which you have received was probably taken by a company Moneyline located in UK.

Our discreet service providers offer flexible payment options. It's that easy, so why wait toget that cash advance? In the end, the transactions look like this (after a little manual entry): Wachovia: Fid Bkg Svc Llc Moneyline -0 [ROTH IRA] FIDELITY: Fid Bkg Svc Llc Moneyline 0 [Checking] Question: Shouldn't one of these be categorized in Quicken as an IRA CONTRIBUTION for tax purposes?(I use Turbo Tax, and am thinking that when TTax downloads from Fidelity, everything will be OK.Its aim is to disrupt the payday loan system by providing consumers with more affordable loans, more education, and transparency.This is quite a change from storefront payday lenders, who have confusing policies that often leave customers paying more huge amounts in interest.

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