Dating a recovered meth addict Jasmin zimmermann web cam

Despite fears that my sexuality had been irreparably harmed, my sex life today is healthy and rooted in affection, love, and mutual care.There are many avenues of recovery, but the science of addiction is always the same.Did you just enable each other to relapse, or did you find the strength in each other to be sober?In my case it was the enabling, his relapses would lead to me getting fucked up so I didn't have to think about it, and vice versa.After a few months he admitting feelings towards me and we started a relationship.

It's hard enough focusing on your own sobriety without having to worry about what your SO picked up that day. I personally havnt but have known lots of others who have and it usually consisted of them turning into "running partners".

The drug ignited an obsession I had never known, taking my authentic sexuality and twisting it into something unrecognizable to me today. I simply wasn’t capable of seeing the wreckage for what it was.

It was a constant pursuit of sex partners, naked video chats, pornography, and increasingly extreme and dangerous behaviors that lasted days and weeks at a time. Throughout my years of addiction, and even during my recovery process, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

A return to the gym and a shallow fixation on my body.

An abandoned cigarette habit that returned in secretive fits and starts.

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