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Another art exhibit worth catching is the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection, housed in a re-creation of the Reves Villa and including Impressionist paintings, antique carpets, Chinese porcelain, and early Renaissance and 17th-century European furniture.Conveniently located within walking distance of the city's historic downtown core, Dallas World Aquarium is a fun and educational excursion for young and old alike.Adding to the fun are the exquisite sculptures and fountains in areas with names like Toad's Corner, Texas Town, and Pecan Grove.Be sure to do a little exploring around White Rock Lake Park, too.The property's world-famous display gardens (14 all told) showcase seasonal flowers, ornamental shrubs, trees, and plant collections, while seasonal outdoor festivals and concerts, art shows, and education programs are also popular.Although conceived in the early 1930s, this splendid tourist attraction didn't become a reality until 1984 when the park was laid out on the grounds of a mansion built in 1939 (guided tours are available).

Located in a massive hangar, the museum displays a large collection of aircraft dating back to WWI, as well as related artifacts and artwork.

Always popular with families, this fun attraction - just three miles away from the city center - was established in 1888, making it one of the oldest zoos in the US.

Focusing on two major regions - Zoo North and the Wilds of Africa - the zoo includes highlights such as the Giants of the Savanna, the Otter Outpost, the excellent Wildlife Amphitheater with its displays of birds in flight, and the Endangered Tiger Habitat with its forest-like setting.

Until WWII, the city's economy depended on grain, cotton, and oil, but post-war, it became home to numerous insurance corporations and banks, making it an important business and financial center - perfect fodder for that most famous of soap operas about power, money, and intrigue: .

These days, the city is noted for its modern and postmodern architecture, as well as Gothic Revival architecture such as the Kirby Building (also of note is Swiss Avenue, home to a stretch of homes featuring architectural styles from Victorian to Neoclassical).

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