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The statesmen of the French Revolution, from Robespierre downwards, were throughout profoundly affected by the study of his works.

To understand its value we must grasp its limitations; when the questions it answers seem unnaturally put, we must not conclude that they are meaningless; we must see if the answer still holds when the question is put in a more up-to-date form.

This 1913 edition of Rousseau’s works includes the famous Social Contract as well as 3 discourses on Arts and Sciences, the Origin of Inequality, and Political Economy.

Rousseau’s writings inspired liberals and non-liberals alike which makes him rather controversial in the history of political thought. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

This is in many ways its great strength; but where it is excessively so, the accident of time is to blame.

In the eighteenth century it was, broadly speaking, safe to generalise and unsafe to particularise.

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