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The knurled focusing ruing was replaced by a texture rubberized ring.The "CFi" expands on the "CF" adding electronic connections but increasing the plastic content.It was originally a tradename owned by Nettel Camerawerke AG in Stuttgart was one of the companies that merged to form the Zeiss Ikon AG in 1926.When the modern Zeiss lens had been designed by Bertele, Zeiss re-used the old Nettel tradename in order to build on the sun association to emphasize on the lens' large aperture (/2.0), which was much greater than many other lenses available at the time.With the introduction of the 500C/M, also the focussing screen became easily exchangeable.Victor Hasselblad AB put great effort to assist correct magazine handling: the presence of a dark slide in the film magazine prevents the shutter from being fired, but allows the removal of the back, whereas the back is locked to the body without the dark slide in place. The above described effort is in strong contrast to the ease with which the shutter and body state dissociate upon removal of the lens.

The single inspiring factor was the promising new Compur shutter, based on Zeiss Ikon’s Contaflex experience, and the fact that Zeiss committed them selves to manufacture the new range of lenses.

The first Zeiss production Sonnar was a 1:2.0 50 mm lens with six elements in three groups created for the Zeiss Contax I rangefinder camera in 1932.

In 1931, it was reformulated with seven elements in three groups allowing a maximum aperture of /1.5.

All lenses will stop down to at least f/22 with some expanding to f/32. Flash sync is available through the lens PC Sync at all shutter speeds.

The earliest lenses are "C" with an interlocked shutter and aperture and 50mm series 8 filter. The next version, "CF", removed the interlock as the default and increased filter to 60mm but changed the mount to Bayonet (Bay60).

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