How to hack a dating site

Ashley Madison, the controversial dating site for cheating spouses, says it now has millions of new members, almost two years after a data breach caused many users to close their accounts.

In July 2015, hackers leaked a huge cache of personal details pertaining to adulterers that used the website, including account log-in details and seven years' worth of credit card payment transactions.

He also wouldn't reveal Ashley Madison's revenue, but said he would not "disavow" previous comments made by Avid Life Media's ex-president to Reuters in July 2016 that the company would achieve sales of m in 2016.

He did however admit that Ashley Madison had in the past used bots impersonating women because it struggled to get enough actual women to sign up, but claims that the bots are long since gone.

They host user information to give spammers a better chance of finding their targets, as they store attributes like gender, age and body shape.

Spammers customise campaigns based on perceived needs and demographics data helps them target specific users.

Luckily, most of the data has never been used against the various sites' customers for blackmail – until now. Would it embarrass a number of prominent individuals?

The incident claimed the media's attention for weeks, leading to many users fleeing as they were afraid that they would be identified, not to mention financial troubles for the site's parent company Avid Life Media.

At the time, Ashley Madison said it had 36 million users.

Our monthly new member account additions have not been verified by a third party, but we stand behind them."Keable refused to divulge how many people are actively using the site each month, or how many people are paying for the service.

In order to start conversations with other users, members have to pay.

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