Importance of updating real time data

To accomplish this, however, required that he had to create a number of Excel programs using VBA, which eventually became the Real Statistics Resource Pack that is used in this website.

The Coleman Report, “Equality of Educational Opportunity,” is the fountainhead for those committed to evidence-based education policy.

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Coleman, still gets a steady 600 Google Scholar citations per year.

He also worked for many years at BBN, one of the most prestigious research institutes in the US, and widely credited with implementing the Arpanet and playing a leading role in creating the Internet. Zaiontz has held a number of executive management and sales management positions, including President, Genuity Europe, responsible for the European operation of one of the largest global Internet providers and a spinoff from Verizon, with operations in 10 European countries and 1,000 employees.

He grew up in New York City and lived in Indiana, Florida, Oregon and finally Boston, before moving to Europe 29 years ago where he has lived in London, England and northern Italy. Caterina Zaiontz, a clinical psychologist who is an Italian national.

In fact, it was his wife who was the inspiration for this website on statistics.

A few years ago she was working on a research project and used SPSS to perform the statistical analysis. Zaiontz decided that he could perform the same analyses using Excel.

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