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These things and more are topics found at Backdoor Survival, In addition, you will find insight, tips, and strategies to help with food preservation, gardening and the gear you will need if you are required to bug out (hopefully not) or shelter in place.

And as trite as it sounds, I hope that what I learn, what I do and what I share will make the road to self-reliance just a bit easier for the next person.Like you, I continually strive to expand my knowledge and increase my survival skills.For us, our common goal is to learn to depend on ourselves not others for our basic well-being – no matter what.It was overwhelming to learn and to recognize just how much I did not know. We have twelve new months of prepping starting soon and for sure, you will want to be ready.I tried not to become alarmed and applied my typical pragmatic approach to moving forward, not only for the readers of Backdoor Survival, but also for myself. The roadblocks to getting started on the journey toward preparedness are many.

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