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This is a great song, even if it does amply demonstrate that of course, Christianity is modeled after other great religious traditions that came before it, such as ancient Egyptian religion, Mithraism, etc. He believes in the act of giving gifts (as the Wise Men did to the baby Jesus), which Father Christmas represents.Jesus story is seen again and again in many traditions and Gods that came before Him, there is nothing original about it, except for the arrogant claim that Christianity is the only true religion, Yahweh is the only "real" God, and we are all doomed without the "salvation" offered through Yeshua. I would refer people to two more songs: Goddamned, by Jay Brannan, and Santa Claus is Pagan Too by Emerald Rose. Lake wrote this due to his concern about the commercialism of Christmas. Actually, Lake is talking about the early destruction of innocence here.I suspect Mr Lake does too and never imagined he would be remembered for a xmas song The commercial world makes a fairy story out of Christmas, starting with Santa and the flying sleigh, but also the sanitary presentation of the Nativity that we're all served up. It is clearly told from the perspective of a child, so should be read in that way.These were poor kids (some say Mary may have been only thirteen at the time), they walked to Bethlehem, they got shoved into a barn to give birth. It is in the first person and may reflect Lake's own childhood.The truth of Christmas is that it makes better humans of all of us, it changes us. Too bad you don't hear it that often...*** I don't think Greg was calling Jesus a fairy story.

This is exactly what one of the videos to this song reflected, which would not have been allowed by Greg Lake if this weren't his beliefs as well. Show me in writing or audio where he denounces Christ? However, he spells out that he DOES believe in the goodness of mankind.I agree that this is, probably, the best Christmas song ever. I like how he plainly spells out that there's no difference between santa claus and jesus - just a bunch of fairy tales aimed at entertaining and controlling (you better not cry/sin! Enough of commercialism, kids fairy tales and adult ones - "let your road be clear". For the most part, Father Christmas/Santa Claus is what the majority of children focus on.It brings me to tears and stops me in my tracks every season. This must be because of the old Russian song they used to make it. The protagonist of this song is shedding the childhood vision of Christmas - the secular Father Christmas figure, for the 'adult' realization the the birth of Jesus is the meaning and cause for celebration of Christmas.If I was lucky, I'd hear it on my local classic rock station a few times during the season.Made my day when I found it on i Tunes and downloaded it.

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