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We believe that all our partners must receive solid care, support and assistance.

Our entire business philosophy is built on this premise, and we always try to add unique value.

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Basically, we are not building a standardized affiliate network, but a family.Since we were looking for something serious, we have to do a Love Aholics comparison with the number one and two sites which are and respectively.The first two sites only performed better because we were able to score more dates.Five years later, when Kang-wook is released from prison, he meets with Yool-ju again, but Yool-ju is engaged to Tae-hyeon.Learning what sacrifice he has made for her, Yool-ju wants to return to Kang-wook, but this time Kang-wook is not alone -- Ja-kyung, his former classmate and currently a radio program host, is beside him.

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