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By this, Indian cinema became more porous which continued till date.

Regional cinemas had their say too, that was quite assertive.

1913 saw the introduction of full length feature film in India called Raja Harishchandra directed by Shri Dada Saheb Phalke.

July 2013 ISBN-13 No.989-2-0 Courtesy: Department of Computer Science, R. The traditional values, norms, rituals, customs, beliefs, folk-arts, folk-traditions, and literature in India are all in the process of change due to the impact of cinema and mass-media.

College) (HOD, Philosophy, SIES College) Su b - Ed ited by: Prof. Therefore, Indian cinema has not remained at its dormant stage as it was way back in the past.

Related Video : If You liked Bai mi vikat ghetala shyam madhur marathi geet jagachya pathivar song, Then You can find similar Bai mi vikat ghetala shyam madhur marathi geet jagachya pathivar video songs by clicking on it. The glorious past and cultural diversity of India was ref1ected in films. The post World-War II saw the change in the technical and conceptual element of Indian Cinema.Cinema has infinite facets and we have number of paper presenters, paper contributors, and keynote speakers, who will go live in this seminar and give us a complete cinematic and cinematographic experience of ‘Hundred Years of Indian Cinema – Issues and Challenges in Retrospection (Socio-Philosophical Perspective) that is happening for the first time in the field of academics. From the time the first Indian sound film, Alam Ara was produced in 1931 till the present decade, it has showcased different aspects of Indian life traversing through myriad themes, be it comedy, romance, thriller, horror or drama.However, there has been a changing trend in the representation of Indian films through the years.

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