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Now when you break up, along with lazy means of communication like text messages, email, and instant messenger, you now have to deal with Facebook and other forms of social networking.

The most frequently mentioned source of online angst is of course Facebook.

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OK that, and the worst types are hoping they can line you up for a shag at a later date…Remember: There was once a time when we didn’t have to watch our ex parade their new piece around virtually or have to watch our backs online…was only a few years ago!Get over this ‘let’s be friends’ malarky Many of us are obsessed with being The Good Girl (or The Good Guy) so of course when you break up, you make the shady decision to be friends.Being worried about how you’re perceived by mutual friends, their family etc post breakup or having these people create awkward situations for you.Even with the most friendly of partings, some space is needed and unless you have hide of rhino or have already moved on yourself, you’re going to find it pretty difficult if your ex is publicly moving on or looking like The Happiest Ex Alive.

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