Middlesex registry cambridge

The Secretary of the Commonwealth would like to welcome you to the Massachusetts Land Records website.

Current county established 26 March 1793 from Suffolk County.

For questions regarding use of the site, searching of particular documents, or general questions about Registry policies, please contact the specific Registry of Deeds directly.

For technical assistance with troubleshooting access to the site, contact us at the Secretary's office.

Pay online: https://cambridgema.munisselfservice.com/citizens/Motor Vehicle/Real Estate Property Tax: Bills are issued twice annually and are generally due Nov. For more information, call the Finance Department, Ph. https://cambridgema.munisselfservice.com/citizens/Real Estate/Default.aspx? mode=new Water/Sewer: Bills are issued quarterly (two actual bills and two estimated bills issued alternately). City Ordinances (Cambridge Municipal Code) City Clerk’s Office, Ph. infobase=16889&doc_action=whatsnew Pet Registration: Dogs must be registered with the Cambridge Animal Commission, Ph. Public Meetings: The city holds public meetings on a variety of topics. (except during holidays and the summer break), in the Sullivan Chamber of City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue. Recreation, Families, Seniors, Youth Centers: Contact the Department of Human Service Programs, which provides a wide range of services, Ph. Recycling/Trash Collection: Cambridge has a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance Contact the Department of Public Works, Ph. For schedule information, visit: Works/schedules/Recycling & Trash Guidelines: Works/departments/recycle/pdffiles/recycling_trash_School Registration: Call Cambridge Public Schools, Ph. School Closings: Call the Link Line for recorded information, Ph. Snow Emergency Parking Bans: When the city declares a snow emergency, parking is prohibited on major streets and on one side of smaller streets as indicated by signs.

For online payments: https://cambridgema.munisselfservice.com/citizens/Utility Billing/Residents may be eligible for certain property and vehicle excise abatements. CFM Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates: Call the City Clerk’s Office, Ph. Cambridge Public Library: For information, call 617-349-4040 or visit:

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