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I thought this Lara seemed a lot more fleshed out, and grounded.But that weight of taking on someone so iconic was definitely there.Obviously you must have been excited, but those are some intimidating boots you’re slipping into.Camilla Luddington: Of course I was excited, and then I felt really intimidated, because she’s such an iconic character. Based on accounts from other asexuals, I think it's fair to say that a lot of LGBTQ groups are not any more ace-friendly than any other group.Asexuals encounter disbelief, denial, and ignorance, same as with any other people.You know, I don't think I've ever seen that thought expressed before.There's always this passive acceptance of either "Yes, LGBT is a good place for asexuals" or "NO! ", when we should really be saying "Well, we're entitled to acceptance and inclusion in queer spaces. I'm still figuring out if I'm going to join my uni LGBTQ this autumn.

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I make it my goal as an activist to make a safe space for asexuals in the LGBT community.Did you study what previous voice actors in the role had achieved, or was your approach to pretty much start Lara from scratch, as perhaps best fits a reboot?CL: I did look up what people had done before me, not in a way that would influence me, but because I felt I needed to respect my predecessors and look at what journey they’d taken the character on.The first goal seems less hopeless (and it would at least benefit asexuals who don't feel uncomfortable with sex talk), so I'm focusing on that one for now.What I want to know is, what kind of LGBT group is more likely to accept asexuality? It's also a good sign if they actively discuss the issues of bisexuality, gender, transgender, and intersectionality.

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