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Broadcast during the advertising broadcast music videos "All She Wants Is" Duran Duran, "Always on My Mind" group Pet Shop Boys, "Pendant que les champs brûlent" group Niagara, "Everywhere" Fleetwood Mac, "Around My Heart" singer Sandra, "the Soldier" Thomas Anders "Mon mec à moi" by Patricia Kaas, as well as fragments of the concert Space in Moscow. 115 behind the bar to ask 3 (Olympic television and radio) and two hardware and essential installation, APB 8, and AWSM 6-1.

Soon the place MTV clips began to take paid videos Russian artists such as Vlad Stashevsky and Eugene Kemerovo.From November 1, 1989, the TV channel "2x2" began broadcasting under its own name on the channel "Moscow" DH, then — "MTK".In the evening (from to ) it was broadcast by the TV channel "ITC".First time on TV showed a half-hour and more ad units, foreign music videos, and cartoons (in particular, THE Soviet "Screen"), was later shown and then repeated many times, the television series "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" broadcast series "I Spy", were very often showed an advertising clip of the company "Video of Interneshnl".Also broadcast was the Patriotic collection of clips starting with a clip of Oleg Bloodless "And knock" (the main character of this collection was Igor talc), clips of the song theatre Alla Pugacheva from the company "Video of Interneshnl" and also clips of "Accountant" of the group "the Combination" clips Alena's Apinoj "Street of love" and "Xenia", transmission "Billboard" DJ Ale-Alena, which also aired videos of Russian artists, such as Bogdan Titomir and Oleg Gazmanov.

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