Patterns of dating abuse

One in three women experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Being a victim is nothing to be ashamed of and help is available.Women Are Safe, Inc., does not discriminate in regard to sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or marital status. The program receives funding from United Way, from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and from the Gannett Foundation through The Tennessean.Dopamine then builds up in the gap synapse between neurons.The result: dopamine keeps affecting a nerve cell after it should have stopped.Many of cocaine's effects on the heart are actually caused by cocaine's impact on the brain -- the body's control center.

This is called fibrillation, and it can be very dangerous because it stops the flow of blood through the body.Emotional abuse often begins subtly and increases in severity over time.Batterers use emotional abuse gain power and control over their victims.Cocaine Cocaine causes the body's blood vessels to become narrow, constricting the flow of blood. It forces the heart to work harder to pump blood through the body.(If you've ever tried squeezing into a tight pair of pants, then you know how hard it is for the heart to pump blood through narrowed blood vessels.) When the heart works harder, it beats faster.

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