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On Windows 10 machines the overall office productivity performance declines around 5 to 10 percent on Intel's Core chips.

The exact percentage depends on many factors including, but not limited to, generation of the CPU, the version of Windows, as well as even the computation type.

As companies are trying to recover from what were, and still are, perhaps the most severe CPU bugs in the history of the computer, people are wondering how exactly does this affect them.

Both manufacturers and platform developers have been patching the problems Spectre and Meltdown entail, to the extent that they can be prevented, but there's one new problem that appears after you've patched your system.

The company has a long history in cameras, but it's been closing in on bankruptcy for years.

However, just so happens that many of the biggest smartphone manufacturers develop also other consumers electronics, and that of course includes Samsung.

Even though rumors had it that Samsung was going to release the newest iteration of Galaxy S line earlier this year, we didn't see a Galaxy S9 at CES.

This isn't completely unexpected and at least we heard from the head of Samsung mobile division DJ Koh, who revealed that the unveiling of Galaxy S9 is imminent.

The company has offered early on such important features as end-to-end encryption.

Security features are near and dear to Whats App's heart, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have any problems.

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