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“We have something called a smart top, which is a more heavy-duty hot tub that has a cable locking mechanism,” said Robynn Robertson of Interior Pool and Spa.In this case, Robertson also recommended that the homeowner have the hot tub thoroughly cleaned before using it again.“It appears as though you can clearly see the subjects’ facial features,” O’Donaghey said.Police say they have identified one of the suspects as an 18-year-old male. The homeowner, who was not home at the time of the incident, has asked to remain anonymous, but told CTV Vancouver that he is planning to invest in a lock for his hot tub.At an intersection, someone cranked up a boom box and a group of marchers formed an impromptu dance party.

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Suddenly, from behind, someone knocked my camera out of my right hand, then did the same to my phone, which was in my left.

What I saw was a photographer—a white guy, thirty-something, pink shorts, black tee-shirt; media affiliation, if any, still unknown—taking blows to the head and body while cradling his camera like a football recovered post-fumble.

Evidently, he’d captured something the antifas didn’t want him to document.

“You know what’s gonna happen anyway.”A young bandana-wearing man forced his way into the crowd with a comrade, laughing with excitement, “Oh dude, I’m gonna fuck this Nazi UP!

” He tried to land a torso kick, but was just out of reach.

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