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Automatic consideration requires entitlement to the tax exclusion for children, and the child support tax credit or the single-parent tax credit having been applied for and granted for this child.

Not only does online dating encourage a judgmental attitude – it requires it. Impatience and frustration commonly occur once you immerse yourself in dating — and finding love does not happen as quickly as it has for others. When it comes to online dating, the shorter the better.

Most of us have a hard time describing ourselves in person, let alone in the written form.

To minimise the administrative burden on citizens from the annual employee tax assessment, under certain conditions an employee tax assessment without application is to be performed with a view to ensuring service orientation and customer-friendliness.

You can find the current list of these beneficiaries of donations on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance (gv.at) under In order for the payments to be automatically considered in your (employee) tax assessment, you need to disclose your full name and date of birth to the organisation.

Here it is particularly important that you enter your data correctly, and in particular that the spelling of your name matches that on the residence registration form.

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