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A real man who says what's on his mind makes you shudder. Life is a bitch, it can be hard and sometimes you gotta suck it up and deal with it. His analogy of putting a gun to the head of the same guy on the ledge is spot on !Bill Aucoin actually met us at this gig and tried to recruit us to his record label..were already signed to another label. gene is a smart businessman and i was amazed that he has never drank, smoked, done a drug, etc.This--coming from a micro-talent, now 'expert social analyst and commentator', who made a load of money in a canned band dressing up like a clown and writing angst-stroking teen anthems in the seventies.But Chaim (*Gene*) is definitely right about one thing--the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame truly is a sham. And BTW..you "musicians" commenting on KISS talent...jealous much ? Modern psycology has done nothing but give people excuses for bad behavior & for not manning up.Gene's comments on the HOF induction that Tommy Thayer had played with the group longer than Ace and should have been included are so bulls--t. I have my music and memories from the 70's when they were tight and oh so good instead of a cover band for a much tighter and tougher band who nobody would have cared about if not for their gimmicks. but their music sucks, and compared to the real talents of the day, like the stones, zep, the beatles, the who, et al, kiss was a joke.

I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. ' when there's a guy on top of a building who says, "That's it, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to jump." Are you kidding? Great original group then..lineup that GOT them to the HOF nomination.

Wow I had to confirm this for myself that Gene Simmons (who I've admired since 1974) said those moronic words about suicide.

I wish you could just remove that question and answer because some kids will get the wrong idea from that.

No Gene is not responsible for the actions of others, he never has been, but he doesn't understand "Celebrity" "Fame" call it what you want.

Simmons apology I read about is too little to late, the damage is done and still over going for the fact that question and answer is still for any one to read.

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