Workplace dating policies

Acas commissioned research in collaboration with BIS and the CIPD on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive.

Studies indicate that small business owners have increased their monitoring practices as well, and many experts expect that trend to continue in the near future.

Small businesses, however, are less likely to embrace this technology because of expense, nature of business activity, and concerns about workforce reaction.

Countless studies and reports indicate that monitoring of employee behavior, both in and out of the workplace, has undergone a dramatic increase in recent years. News and World Report that according to a 1997 study, "more than one third of the members of the American Management Association, the nation's largest management development and training organization, tape phone conversations, videotape employees, review voice mail, and check computer files and E-mail….

They note that even if one were to set aside the ethical issues of such monitoring for the moment, errors in monitoring practice can have devastating repercussions on workers. Fair, Square, and Legal: Safe Hiring, Managing & Firing Practices to Keep You & Your Company Out of Court.

"Careers may be damaged when investigators overreach, when mistakes are made, or when managers are too aggressive in enforcing company rules," said Hawkins.

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